Urinary & Constipation Issues

Our New England Cat Care in Woodbridge, CT Discusses Urinary & Constipation Problems in Cats

If you are a cat owner, being on the lookout for problems with elimination is extremely important. Many felines suffer from Cat Urinary Problems or constipation difficulties. If you notice signs of one of these difficulties, give a call to New England Cat Care to make an appointment with our Woodbridge Veterinarian. Here is some information about urinary obstruction and constipation in cats and how our vet can help.

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The Symptoms Of Elimination Problems

There are several signs that are indicative that your pet may be suffering from an elimination problem. A tell-tale indication is observing your cat getting into a litter box and not following through with their bathroom duties. If you notice your pet is eliminating in areas outside of their litter box, watch for signs of struggling. Moving to different locations around the home could be a behavioral issue, but it could also mean there is a medical problem. If your pet runs from their litter box in fear, or if they are meowing or howling in pain, a trip to vet is necessary.

Why Urinary Obstruction Occurs 

Male cats suffer from urinary problems more than females do, however, the problem is possible in both sexes. A urinary tract obstruction is often due to urinary stones or urinary disease. The prostate disease could also cause an obstruction for male cats. When minerals become abundant inside of the urinary tract, any liquid inside is not able to pass easily. If a pet also has a tumor, scar tissue, or a lesion in the area of the urinary tract, elimination could be altered.

Why Constipation Occurs 

Constipation in pets could be caused for several different reasons. A change in the diet could alter the consistency of a pet's stool. Taking medication often has the same result. If your cat does not get enough water, their stool will be hard and difficult to pass. Increasing your pet's fluid intake and giving them a diet with wet food incorporated into the mix is helpful. Constipation could be the result of a tumor or obstruction in the color as well.

Contact Our New England Cat Care in Woodbridge, CT

Our Woodbridge Veterinarian will conduct a full evaluation of your cat to determine the cause for elimination difficulties. They will administer medication as necessary and give you recommendations regarding lifestyle changes that will assist in keeping future problems at bay.

If your cat is suffering from constipation or cat Urinary Problems, contact New England Cat Care to speak to our Woodbridge Veterinarian. Reach out and schedule an appointment with our Cat Veterinarian by calling our practice at (203) 387-6369 at the first signs of an elimination problem. 



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