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Most folks think that if their cat goes outdoors then they are at risk for parasites and if their kitty is indoor only then they needn't worry about their cat being exposed to parasites, right? We wish it were that simple! In reality, we discover parasite issues MORE often with our indoor-only patients than our outdoor ones. Parasites are a constant in the environment and they are drawn to our homes seeking warmth and food and when they arrive and find a low-to-the-ground warm and furry mammal then they've hit the jackpot! The first line of defense is parasite protection with topical, once-a-month treatments that protect your cat from the health hazards associated with parasitic infections.

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What brand of food do I feed my cat? That question is just about as challenging for us to answer as it is for you to decide which food to buy. You're standing in the pet food aisle looking at all the brands of cat food completely overwhelmed because one brand says it's good for dental health, another does hairballs, this one is for indoor cats, one is dry food, or wet food, and let us not forget the latest debate over grain-free. Can't they just make one food that does it all? All those topics sound important so why not make one super kibble so we don't feel like we're choosing one health advantage and sacrificing another. But, if pet food manufacturers did that then they wouldn't make any money. So, we went ahead and did our own investigating because believe it or not Drs. Richter & Arcuri did not get one lesson on nutrition while in veterinary school. They were just as lost as you are but after doing a lot of research and working with the top feline nutritionists in the country we have been able to figure out how to determine how good a specific brand is for your cat.

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