Parasite Prevention

Make sure your cat is protected from internal & external parasites!
Internal parasites that infect and breed in your cat's intestines can cause Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), an incurable disease that causes chronic intestinal inflammation.

Protecting your cat is simple! You don't even have to give your cat any oral medication to prevent parasites because we recommend topical products that are applied to your cat's skin that will prevent most parasitic infections. AND you can find them conveniently on our online store and they will ship right to your home! Super easy!!

Flea Prevention
Flea infections are very harmful to your cat and cause many health problems such as skin infections from allergies related to flea bites and can also transmit internal parasites like tapeworms and the bacterial infection, Bartonella. Severe prolonged flea infestations cause serious illness and anemia. We want your cat protected and recommend the year round use of flea protection, even for indoor cats. Fleas are attracted to our homes, especially during the winter because they seek warmth from the cold, and are constantly seeking a warm body host to feed from. Pets make good targets for them because they are warm with thick hair and are the lowest to the ground.

Heartworm Disease
Did you know that heartworm disease is very serious in cats and causes severe lung disease? Heartworm infection is spread by mosquitos and can infect indoor and outdoor cats. There is no cure for this serious and life threatening disease. Educating you about heartworm disease is at the forefront of parasite prevention at our practice.

Internal Parasites
We want your cat to be safe from serious gastrointestinal related disease and we ensure this by regular screening of a stool sample. Many internal parasites can take months to years to fully develop and become active so we monitor a stool sample at least once a year to protect our patients from parasitic infections. Parasites can also be transmitted to humans and other pets so it is our goal to make sure we keep your family free from parasitic exposure.

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