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New England Cat Care is dedicated to providing your cat quality products and prescriptions. We designed our online pharmacy so that you can order food, supplements, and prescriptions all in one place using the convenience of your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone! We can design your personal "Care Cabinet" and pre-load all your cat's food and medications. No searching or calling trying to figure out what your cat needs, we keep it all organized in one place! Make sure to sign up for autoship in order to receive discounts and free shipping. All the products are guaranteed and safe to purchase as they come from a REAL pharmacy.

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A personal online pharmacy for your cat?! How cool! We have taken the risk out of ordering kitty's prescriptions online. There are SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS to your cat when ordering from online stores like 1800PetMeds, Drs. Foster & Smith, etc. and our job is to educate you so that together we protect your cat. We designed our online store because the medications are from a veterinary distributor that gets the products DIRECTLY from the manufacturer so there is no risk for counterfeit products.

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Features of our online store:

  • Convenient ordering process with delivery to your home
  • Auto ship setup that deliveries your cat's food and prescriptions on time with free shipping
  • Ability to get compounded forms of most medications for ease of administration to your cat
  • SAFE prescriptions at competitive prices

What can happen if my cat takes a counterfeit prescription?

  • First and foremost, your cat could die from taking a counterfeit prescription.
  • The prescription could be tapered with, expired, or a completely different medication than what your cat is supposed to take.
  • If your cat becomes ill and requires medical attention that will cause stress to your cat's well-being and you will be incurring costly vet bills.

Can you tell which is the counterfeit?
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The two boxes shown in the image above are a popular flea and heartworm preventative we recommend.  This is a perfect example of what counterfeit packages are in the veterinary prescription world because product manufacturers DO NOT sell their products to anyone EXCEPT a veterinarian.  If you purchase a medication like this from anywhere but from a veterinarian you are getting a "knock off" but not the real thing.  And the bottom box is the fake.

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