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A box of kittens was discovered in our front office by Alicia one afternoon and the Richters decided to keep all the kittens. Stewie and Marbles came to live at the practice while the three brothers live at the Richter's home.

Stewie is named after a character on the cartoon show, Family Guy. She is a funny little girl and we call her Danielle's "work cat" because she is constantly meowing and following Danielle around. She typically runs away from everyone else.

Marbles is Stewie's sister and they spend a lot of time together. They primarily like to stay in the Richter's office and rarely come up front. Almost every day Marbles and Stewie have a "war" over which bed they will lay on. Marbles is also known to knock things off Dr. Arcuri's desk on a regular basis.

We found Pajamas at a local animal shelter a few years back. She is always greeting people when they come to the office and will plop herself right in the lap of anyone sitting down. Pajamas is a very good cuddle cat and will brighten the spirits of anyone that should meet her.

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