Cancer In Cats

New England Cat Care in Woodbridge, CT Offers Treatment for Cancer in Cats

Cancer occurs in cats, just as it does in humans. Because cats are living longer, the likelihood of developing cancer is greater. Owners are often very upset to learn their beloved pet has cancer, but they should keep in mind that treatments are available, and some cats live for many years after diagnosis. New England Cat Care in Woodbridge, CT specializes in the treatment of cats and can provide the specialized care your cat needs.

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Cancer in Cats

Cancer is less common in cats than it is in dogs. However, when cancer does occur, it is often more aggressive than in dogs. Some cancers, such as lymphoma, are more common in cats. Vets also see oral cancer and fibrosarcoma in soft tissue. Skin cancers can also occur. However, cancer can occur in any part of the body, including the nasal passages, lungs, liver or brain. Cats hide their discomfort well, and you may not suspect anything is wrong until the animal begins to have vomiting, diarrhea or breathing problems. Any unusual lump, bump or sore that won’t heal should be seen by your veterinarian at the earliest opportunity.

Diagnosing Cancer in Cats

Neoplasms, that is, growths of abnormal cells, are a common feature of cancer. Removing cells from a tumor and examining them under the microscope can allow vets to diagnose cancer. More comprehensive tests on biopsy material can provide a more accurate diagnosis. CT scans and MRI can also help to determine the extent of cancer’s spread. Once the type and extent of the cancer are determined, treatment can begin.

Cancer Treatment Options

Surgery is a standard treatment for cancer in cats, to remove tumors and improve symptoms. Chemotherapy for cats has improved over recent years, with new drugs being developed to shrink tumors and stop the spread of cancer. Radiation therapy can also be used, in some cases. Survivability depends on the type of cancer and stage of detection.

Make Our New England Cat Care in Woodbridg, CT Your Veterinarian!

Dr. Richter and Dr. Arcuriuse their extensive knowledge of feline veterinary medicine to provide compassionate care for cats in Woodbridge CT and surrounding communities. We specialize in the feline care and offer a variety of services, from preventive methods to complex surgery. Call New England Cat Care today at 203-387-6369 for an appointment to learn more about treatments for cancer that can help your cat.


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